Patients’ complaint unit was established to provide better, pleasant and more effective services to people, proper behavior of the personnel towards clients, clients’ satisfaction, correct and logical communication between different departments of the hospital and clients including outpatients, inpatients and their companions. This unit records the complaints and type and place of them to solve any problems which results in dissatisfaction of clients.
Dealing with complaints
All the received complaints will be dealt with in patients’ complaint unit and will be divided into 2 forms of emergency and non-emergency.

Emergency complaints
Emergency complaints refer to the cases that how quick the complaint is dealt and how fast the problem is solved have direct impact on patient health and any delay in dealing with the complaint will result in physical and financial harm to the patient.
Some of emergency complaints are as follows:
- The lack of timely presence of a physician or nurse for the patient
- Not providing medical, nursing or diagnostic services to the emergency patient at any time of the day
- Lack of correct functioning of medical devices
- Cases of complaints which result in disruption of hospital’s peace and rules and discomfort for other patients due to the behavior of the complainant

Non-emergency complaints
Non-emergency complaints refer to the cases that delay in dealing with complaint have done no physical and financial harm to the patient and the patient made complaint simply because of improper services. In this case the patient made the complaint just for improvement in providing services.

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