• Social Security Organization

    Social Security is a social organization whose primary mission is the insurer covering wage and salaried workers (compulsory) professionals and the self-employed (both optional).

  • Niroohaye Mosallah

    The armed forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran's health insurance law passed by Parliament, responsibility for family health services of the armed forces, including employees, retirees, employees and dependents task is responsible for them

  • iran health insurance

    The organization needs to health services and medical care in accidents for general insurance for state employees and insured persons in hospitals and health centers, public and private voluntary Mybashd.ba all offering deals

  • razi insurance

    Provide insurance services in the community, promote competition in the insurance industry, promote insurance services to customers and the development of insurance culture in the philosophy of our company make money.

  •  molallem insurance

    The teacher is committed to the insurance policy in case of death of the insured In addition to the commitment of capital, reserves, guaranteed to beneficiaries or legal heirs pay. In the case of life insurance and after expiry of an insurance policy, the insured is responsible for guaranteed savings.

  •  asia insurance

    ymhasya to perform a variety of insurance transactions establish Shd.mvzv insurance activities in Asia is to perform a variety of operations related to the insurance business in the field of insurance objects and personal responsibility, accept the reinsurance of domestic and foreign insurance companies and transfer insurance reinsurance of domestic and foreign insurance companies

  • mihaninsurance

    Provide insurance services in the following: all persons life insurance, health insurance, car insurance, fire insurance, cargo insurance, aviation insurance Kshty.bymh of all types of engineering risk, civil liability insurance

  • .alborz insurance

    Alborz insurance with the primary goal of providing optimal insurance and quality services to citizens and diversification of the insurance market and satisfying established insurance Gzraran Shdanjam direct insurance operations in life and non-life insurance field types based on the license issued by the Central Insurance

  • sinainsurance

    Offset part of the cost of hospital and surgery due to illness, accident and other additional coverage for insured health care that is based on the insurer's obligations intercourse with this insurance at the insurer's obligation.

  • .atiyehsazan insurance

    vailable service packages: Supplemental insurance group Insurance golden future Individual and family health insurance Dental Insurance Insurance Medical Emergencies Contracts with the majority of diagnostic centers and private and public health across the country.